The ECO2Capture™ initial product offerings improve overall process efficiency for retrofit and new-build algae production systems, capturing CO2 from the air to support algae growth.

Why ECO2Capture™ ?

ECO2Capture™ products offer a cost effective solution to the algae producer's need to supply CO2 to their growth systems, while increasing the efficiency of algae production processes overall.

Where We Are Now

ECO2Capture™ has had initial success with trials at two commercial pilot partner sites and is currently in the process of soliciting pre-seed funding from TechGROWTH Ohio.

Our Philosophy

The ECO2Capture™ Team

ECO2Capture™, founded by three Ohio University professors, is commercializing a portfolio of proprietary technologies invented at Ohio University that will supply “free” atmospheric CO2 to the developing algae industry. The team has 25+ years of funded algal technology development experience. ECO2Capture™ is licensing the technology that was developed by the founders at the university.

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The ECO2Capture Advantage

The ECO2Capture™ Advantage

Algae producers facing diverse market opportunities are potential buyers of ECO2Capture™ Raceway Membrane and the Vertical Membrane Bioreactor. ECO2Capture™ products offer a cost effective solution to the algae producer's need to reduce the cost of growing algae by enhancing the growth rate of algae and efficiency of existing production processes.

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News & Events

ECO2Capture™ in the Media

Ohio University researchers have developed a patented ECO2Capture™ technology which enables industrial operations and power plants to recycle carbon emissions directly from flue gas by growing algae in a bioreactor. The algae, a valuable feedstock, can be harvested and used in pharmaceuticals, as a food additive, and as biofuel.

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